Disotec, a winning bet.

Our History


DISOTEC was born in 2016 with the challenging goal, today fully achieved, to become the
Italian reference point in the distribution of materials for the implementation of
Telecommunication infrastructures. Thanks to the skills and support of the NTET group
companies, DISOTEC is immediately able to offer the widest range of optical and copper
connectivity solutions, consolidated and provided with all the approvals required by TLC

In a changing market, where operators’ purchasing policies evolve and alternate from
direct to indirect and vice versa according to the dynamics of network growth and
development, our flexible, proactive and active approach allows us to offer a streamlined,
precise service for our customers’ increasingly challenging needs.


In 2017, DISOTEC developed its own range of ductile cast iron manhole covers according to
EN124-2, exclusively to TLC infrastructure. The manhole covers, thanks to the considerable
experience gained in the sector, are designed to offer the best levels of safety, ease of
installation and durability. These qualities allow us to obtain qualification as manhole
manufacturers for the main Italian TLC operators: TIM, Fastweb, Open Fiber, Infratel etc.. Our
foundries, carefully selected, are able to guarantee the highest standards of process
control and product quality, and are periodically monitored through factory inspections
carried out by our staff and the Accredited Certification Body ICMQ.


In 2018 we made the brave and challenging decision to start production of HDPE miniducts
and multiducts (fender (flat) or bundle configuration) at our Lainate (MI) site. In a short
time, the factory was built, equipped with modern production lines, developed using
company’s own proprietary technologies. The production stages are equipped with in-line
controls with feedback on process parameters, all lines are also networked according to the
most modern industrial automation criteria (Industry 4.0). The quality of the manufactured
products is ensured by a punctual control of the incoming raw materials and the
performance of final tests in compliance with the end customer’s Technical Product


In 2019, with the purchase of DWT, DISOTEC expands its product range with a complete offer
of 19″ rack cabinets that can be set up according to the customer’s needs, available in a
wide variety of sizes divided between two classes of capacity and that can be accessorized
with PDUs, patch panels, fan units, lighting and everything else necessary for a complete
Connectivity solutions for LAN and server rooms are complemented by the availability of
Ethernet cables (CPR), jumpers and RJ45 CAT 5e, 6 and 7 connectors. At the same time, a
warehouse management system is implemented, with an available covered area of more
than 10,000 m2, using storage locations and barcodes. All loading and unloading
operations, are carried out by barcode reader terminals and picking phases are cerefully
monitored; these devices allow us to cut down on our handling time and achieve error-free


DISOTEC break into Europe. Collaboration begins with major players in the TLC market in
Northern Europe, specific solutions are developed to customer’s needs. Continuous process
improvement and fine-tuning turn out to be an increase in duct production capacity of
30%. As part of the Academy’s activities, an external, fully wired test plant is built, which truly
reflects the Open Fiber network infrastructure.