Since its foundation, Disotec has been committed to a continuous organisational improvement
process aimed at defining and optimising company functions.

Since 2019, it has implemented instrumentation and tools as well as innovative infrastructure and
mini-optical cable laying systems in its distribution network.

Disotec is also constantly engaged in training, now a leading sector, of the operational staff of
companies and telecommunications operators.


The training activity, theoretical and practical on innovative optical networks, is aimed at both the
figure of the operating technician and the training of the technical assistant.

Disotec is one of the very few companies in Italy, able to practically teach course participants how
to splice and measure optical cables, strictly complying with the technical standards issued by tlc

Trainees attending Disotec courses are able, from the end of the course, to work independently in the field.

In the courses held by Disotec at the Elis institute in Rome, all learners have found employment
with companies and operators in the tlc sector.

In addition, for years Disotec Academy has been managing the internal training needs of Site Spa
for both operational technicians and newly recruited technical assistants.

Training and after-sales support

Disotec offers expertise and skills not only in training courses, but also and above all in customer
support both in the choice of the most suitable product for one’s needs and in after-sales service.

The complete team, proportionally divided between purchasing, secretarial, technical support and
training, fully guarantees the processes of interaction between the company and its customers,
and is a distinctive element and key to success.

Disotec’s most important customers today include Tim, Open Fiber, Sirti, Site, Sielte, Ceit, Infratel,
etc. In addition to these, there are about a thousand small and medium-sized companies
constantly involved in the implementation and testing of the Modern fttx optical networks.

Our premises

Disotec has a large office located in Lainate.

The site is equipped with large storage facilities and a training room for theoretical and practical

The training centre is equipped with both an internal and external Open Fiber optical test plant,
which faithfully reflects OF’s ftth network architecture.

The practical exercises also include the use of artificial optical lines for trainees’ training in the use
of measuring instruments (otdr and olts).

Off-site courses

Training that can be customised according to customer requirements in terms of duration and course content.

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